A downloadable dating simulator for Windows

Friendship. Heartbreak. True Love.

What will you choose?

Journey to the Underground in an all new adventure. Years after the original story, the Barrier is still active! What happened? Shouldn't Frisk have done something by now?

Take control of a new Human who must trip down that same hole, walk those same halls, and figure out what went wrong. What happens next is up to you...

  • Fall down a hole!
  • Meet some characters!
  • Get to know them better!
  • Go shopping!
  • Get a job!
  • I think there's a dog at some point?
  • I've been told not to mention the dog very much.
  • Voice Acting!
  • Friendship, Romance, Heartbreak!

inLove is an Undertale Dating Simulator fan project started on April 21, 2016. It’s currently being developed by a very determined cast and crew. Choose between building lasting friendship, finding love, or crushing the hearts of the characters we’ve all come to know and love!

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  • UNDERTALE is owned by Toby Fox.
  • We do not claim ownership of UNDERTALE in any form.
  • inLove is not endorsed by Toby Fox.


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